Wednesday, February 27, 2008

There is plenty going on outside, what with all the crocuses and snowdrops, I have bowls of flowers on the table again. Eva is an avid flower picker/ lover. Yesterday she saw the first bee pollinating the crocuses and today we saw more on the wood violets- which smell divine, by the way, particularly after being sick and cooped up inside! I cleared away quite a few oak leaves from the violets today and am having trouble convincing Jack to stop peeing on them. He has been going just over to the side of the house all winter it seems, to save himself the trip out to the yard first thing in the morning. Jack is willing to work with me on these sorts of things, as long as he knows what is going on. Right now he keeps looking at me as if to say, "What flowers?"

Eva asked to wear all flower clothes today and rushed out to see if the bees liked her as well. She doesn't pet them anymore, after the incident last summer when she pet the angry bee caught in the screened in porch area. That really devastated her and she was upset for days following it, asking over and over why the bee would sting her, she likes bees. So we talked a good bit about how bees like their space and some bees, like the angry bee on the porch, really like their space because they feel trapped and scared. I have never told her not to touch bees because they might sting because it seems like fear tactics or something and besides, for a long while there, she could go right up to them and pet them while they pollinated and they all seemed quite fine with it. She even saved a yellow jacket once and he just flew off. I think they sense her lack of fear.

On the food front, there are chives out in the garden and while they are still small, we cut some anyway and brought them in to put on the eggs. Actually, I was going to put them in an omelette but Eva asked me if she liked chives in her omelette and when I answered yes! she was dubious and asked if I could put them on my eggs and leave hers out of it. So I did. And I also brought in dandelion greens, remembering from last year that this is just the time to eat them, and put them in the stir fry with the other more wintry greens from last weeks produce basket, along with a carrot Eva found in the garden. And that is all making me think if we go to Sauvie Island we will find some fresh nettles to pick and bring home, which is always a lot of fun and very satisfying in a gathering sort of way. Plus, I have these neat new clippers and I know Samuel would enjoy helping to harvest.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


It is a testament to the fact that I have been very very sick that when I went to feed Jack today there was a spider living in his food bowl. Jack stood by solemnly and watched as I attempted to take the little guy outside. He made a break for it in the hallway and I assume I will see him again either in the bathroom or in the garage. He was one of those cellar spiders, so there wasn't much of a web to speak of, but still. I am pretty sure I fed Jack yesterday but everything is still a little hazy that I can't be absolutely certain and Jack is not one to complain loudly and openly like Agnes. Now Agnes I know I fed yesterday. I know because she was out of her normal cat food and I had to give her this lite food I have on reserve that she normally refuses to eat. And I heard about that the entire day, every time I saw her. I don't begrudge her this because I know she is hungry and I signed up for feeding her but it isn't as thought she doesn't have some reserves herself. Today she is eating Purina ONE, a food I am sure she has never had before but one which she is gobbling down voraciously at this moment. They had it at the grocery store and I made an executive decision to not run any more errands than absolutely necessary today.

Eva is nearly well. Still a lingering cough, barely. Samuel is on his way but his cough is more pronounced and he got sick second. I am doing remarkably well for how I felt two nights ago. The flu is unmistakable and when you have it you recognize it. Ahhh, yes. The flu. I remember the flu. Why on Earth it has to be quite so bad is really something I don't understand. I find myself thinking, "Ok! Ok! I get it! I get it! I will sit down! I will lie down! I will rest!"

Regardless, today I was able to take the kids to the library to get more DVD's. Our DVD/VCR player broke! last week and we only have a DVD player which feels like roughing it when everyone is sick and our regular library only lets us check out 5 at a time and has a huge video selection. We tried another library and hit the DVD jackpot.

The kids are clearly revived because they are currenlty playing their first game together in what seems like a long time. They are fortified with Subway sandwiches, Jamba Juices and even a little Baskin Robbins' rainbow sherbet with gummi bears (Eva's eyes lit up when I actually ordered it for her. Just the thing!). And I am going to rest...some more.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Eva and I planted sugar snap peas a couple of days ago. Samuel planted some more today. I also planted spinach, radishes, turnips, beets, carrots, onions, mesclun mix and forget-me-nots! Hooray for planting!

And the roses are all nearly pruned. Just two more to go!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Well, since the last time that I posted both of my children have been oh so sick with what I am calling the flu, a term I do not bandy around lightly. There was a high fever, chills, aches, pains, cough! And when they seemed to be feeling well-er, they would get worse. Eva is in stage two of feeling well-er. Samuel is feeling worse. I am hoping that by tomorrow, Tuesday for sure, he will be where Eva is now and then we will all be able to leave the house confidently and go out into the sunshine for a bit of vitamin D.

We did go to the grocery store yesterday and bought no less than four types of juice, including three large jugs of mango tango. I made mango tango sorbet today but Samuel is actually too sick to eat it! Tomorrow!

Thoughts in my mind this week went something like this-

"I have a drier in the house primarily to dry off stuffed animals that have been in the bath with Eva."

"When Sparrow leaves, things are sooo mellow. She is a great reminder of how calm and peaceful life can be when you notice."

"I love finding little notes with Eva words on them in my pockets!"

"The books are in the garage and the bionicles have moved onto the bookcases. Are they then bionicle cases?"

And off we go to bed at eight-ish for the second night in a row. Lots of Emergen-C's, lots of rest!

Monday, February 11, 2008

such a lovely lovely clip from you tube-

Animal School

Friday, February 8, 2008

found in pockets blog-

I found a piece of toast in my pocket today. Eva kept it after we ate at IHOP and gave it to me while perusing stuffed toys at Goodwill. I put it in my pocket. Where else?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

dogs say

Dogs say, "Hey, wait a minute, there is a squirrel in the yard." And then they run like mad to chase the squirrel out of the yard, never once forgetting to bark.

Squirrels in our neighborhood know the sound of our sliding glass door. They listen for the sound of Jack's feet on the linoleum as he skids out the door to remind them that squirrels are not allowed in the yard. When the squirrels don't hear Jack's feet, they continue sitting, eating, being right where they are... without a single glance in my direction.

We have a second dog staying with us. The squirrels are thrown off their game for the time being. Caught off guard, in the yard, Sparrow's feet make a different ticky ticky on the linoleum. Squirrels have actually been caught-eating!- in the bird feeder. They jumped off the feeder, up the tree, were they looking at me?, wondering, now knowing, there is a new dog to listen for.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Eva made peckaloni ( o as in awning or Loni Anderson) tonight and sold it to all of us for $1.00. That was the suggested rate and I got a good bit for $.50. Poor Samuel ate it and felt quite sick afterwards. I explained it all to him so maybe next time he will take small {invisible} sips like the rest of us. Eva is so thrilled to concoct in the kitchen and tonights creation was no different!

Eva's Peckaloni (mostly, of course there are secret ingredients...)
orange juice
pepper, lots and lots of pepper liberally added throughout the mixing process
salt, lots and lots of salt...
almond milk
more orange juice
vitamin C
O cereal (apple cinnamon flavor)
secret ingredients...

Heat over low heat for 5 minutes. Serve warm in bowls. Similar to soup.